Friday, October 25, 2013

What sweet relief this week

Hooray - Former Labor Advisor Marcus Priest calls the bureaucrats and wannabes to account over their non reporting of the real bush fire risk issues and the ongoing propaganda train on everything we are supposed to worry about .

I too finally pulled the flow limiter out of my new free shower.  At $50 a pop  that could be 100 million dollars wasted . The dummies and nanny state merchants think flow rate is everything.  I have a  good hot shower in 1/10 the time most people  do.

As an expert in the ways of water , I don't need this crap and neither do the people of Australia .
Cold showers and baths for nothing ! Panic about water and now  Panic about fire 
The myopic ,totally out of touch , conservation dogooders in advisory roles need to be shunted off and told to study something properly.
Design with nature  is complex and subtle and doesn't suit those with a quickfix or fast "industry will fix it" frame. If you come from concrete steel mere bookeeping territory be careful how you tread !!!
After all-- if you had to wait for your bath with their brilliance... the water would be cold .
I say ... Cold showers for those who think they know..... but don't. Humility and  respect ( for complexity and proper study ) is needed by every conservationist .

The growth of fear parallels the growth of ignorant arrogance in these matters .

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