Monday, August 04, 2014

Bridging the gap

Nature is structured to use BOTH the seperated and the cooperated; the distinctive and the diverse . To restrict Nature in some way to the entirely determinative (as many now do) is to limit life to one or a few of its components - you may only  JUST see only a few componenets and miss the possibility of a Creator and the opportunity to be like Him/Her. Amazing thought , I know ( because lots of life just seems to happen ) but worth a moment to think about . The joy of living in the world is that Nature itself is NOT determinative but the BASIS for creativity. If fitness is everything why did we deserve to have such opportunity for creativity ? To return to any form of nature "worship " is to limit our childrens ability to be openly and  enthusiastically seeking after the truth ;through science but still , might I suggest , beyond what WE will ever know of the processes that drive it. Isn't that's big picture thinking based on the patterning we currently know about? .

Is the West losing its jest for a full and free creativity - and why?  

On reason is surely the untilitarian driver for most supported science reserach these days  . We are not encouraged to waste our time in the search for truth - that would be to risk losing paid employ as a scientist .
Our science advocates are swamped by the lie that productivity in science comes from predictable areas of research - at least in my area ;  how about yours !

If I am right the future is at risk not because of what we don't know as much as it is from not exploring fully in areas we think we already know soemthing about
Thankfully there is more interest in Design with nature than there was in the heady days when nature worshipers got to push their "no touch policies" .Becuase they are seen to be inert , rocks get a guernsey i know,  but so should the nursery , the garden,( weeding )  the funeral parlour and the regeneration practices we have used  .

I once designed concrete for a National Park  crossing on the coast using the local stone.The native stone wasn't as strong as normal gravel used in the concrete but it looked so much better for being part of the picture .
Isn't it appealing to mould seperate and different "strength "items into a NEW whole?

The hard work of planning shaping and cutting the stone is OURs and our childrens COST for the final great pleasure of being creative . 

You heard it first via Emperors Academy

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At October 09, 2014 , Blogger Johnniem said...

Very disturbed to see our young people limiting themselves to the paradigm in " the hunger games" > the Frame only works if we are infact faighting over limited resources .The stupidity of such a simple contentation is that BOTH kids and adults fail to understand WHY we are fighting - its not because limited resources cause us to kill ( an extension of the demeaning deterministic rubbish that's sold us every day- abundance is normal for example - not mentioned in this unreal world )We are using the Limited resources pressure ( in itself real ) as an excuse to justify continued fighting - in just the same stupid way Polpot Idi amin and Hitler used it.

At July 30, 2015 , Blogger Johnniem said...

The other problem you face constantly is the one of getting people to trust you as a scientist or good observer , when you are working on the edge .Most People even scientists are happiest living within the confines of safe pasture . Thats fine if there are no risks on the edge, or if your work is not on the edge . My point is that most people are not on edge so they simply don't know . The ABC don't even get this saying in their ignorance of reason arguments that have risk factors "the only science worth taking seriously is peer reviewed science ' . Full reason is missing . which makes ABC leadersheep on Science a colourful and predictable thing that's a long way behind the inspiration of imagination for example . Waiting for all the sheep is just one loose and dangerous stumbling block in Fabian fantasies of how democracy can work well. in that blinkered vision you not only have to have a lot of sheep concentrating but you hope and pray they go through the gate you want them to .

At July 30, 2015 , Blogger Johnniem said...

The reason i started the above post was because we ALL get lost with all the mere fact checkers of the world . One of the ways to keep on the edge is to imagine yourself there . Tolkien and Chesterton , while not scientists were bright observers ( saw the big picture from a different vantage point) and their stories of journeying to the edge can inspire any generation to go places most sheep will never .There is lots out there, so study to show and go.


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