Monday, July 30, 2007

How long is a piece of stringing along

Gunns aren't the first developer to find the cost of environmental planning processes to be bigger than the questions, ignorance and obfiscation of the dark greens. Even the tasmanian governement are forced by this monster to find anaother way, risking their credibility and right to govern in the process.
The even bigger issue is that while mainlanders enjoy the huge dilemma faced by every tasmanian and lots of thoughtful environs and developers ---- that Tasmania is not alone . Mr turnbull has no idea of what could face hime very soon - ask mr campbell

More importantly --ask us ; at least we know very well how to limit the damage.
We are not saying we can stop political push pulling.But we can help leaders who want proper reviews of risk .
There is a way of making Gunns accountable without running around with pieces of string - it is completeley unprofesional to ask Gunns to use planning processes that don't work.

Four corners review of Tasmanias testing time over ever which way the dummies on all sides try to run environment reviews .Send us an email for more info


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