Monday, August 18, 2008

Make sure you dig deep enough to know how it works !

Wishywashy water talk.
Flannery and his followers need to work out just which part of the river basin they are really worried about . trips to here and there will end up wearing out their welcome .
The lastest rush to the river mouth was a faisco
Where are the key lakes in the Murray Darling system . Clearly NOT lake Alexandrina
In a typical change of agenda coping strategy, Rudd's advisors and the theme songs hangerson rush dow to Lake alexandrena to worry themselves silly about the water thats not flowing into it . Unaware of course that the mouth doesn't open very often ( they don't employ students of earth history in his court) and that the keylakes aren't down there .
The question for students who care , is of course what lakes are the ones that set the system going and when and where are they.


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