Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Design slopes

No geomorphologist survives without looking at slopes and how they relate to each other in landscapes.    Save that for another time.

While I take NO  responsibility for the consequences of anyone adopting these figures,  these are my ROUGH estimates of what matters in slopes and design after a lifetime of working with soils and water .There is much more that could be added . Havva  go .Please advise .

Use at your own risk !
I would like to pay tribute to the Victorian taxpayer and the grand tradition of Public Service in that State . I would like to thank my forebears for  their generous support of free education , the proper planning creation of the most livable places, the testing of scientific principles , the taking of risks and the process of double checking your facts before YOU make the mistake.     To support that complex and more response able process again, you can bookmark


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