Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Labor dreams itself into heavenly places over water conservation

As many households use 1ML  a year,  you don’t have to be Einstein to realise how long the water creation idea will last. Nobody in their right mind would pay for the water produced by Tim Holdings wacky plant when the market will always provide it cheaper .  
If Tim was a real water conservationist, or he still employed a few[1]he would know that conservation is about conserving the rainy day.  
While the average rainfall over the whole earth is only about 600mm (making it always necessary to conserve it ) most of that amount is guaranteed over most of Victoria each year . If you are an owner of quarter of an acre you get at least half a megalitre ML free each year. More here 


At November 08, 2010 , Blogger journeymanj said...

Scientific American, in this months edition , published much of the information I presented a science and technology conference ( at Melbourne University on 30th October .Basically the panic about water seems to be related to the panic about oil but who knows where polys get their dumb ideas from these days?. The earth infact does not receive a lot of water ( average rainfall over whole earth is about 600mm: evaporation much higher through the year ) , but its enough if you conserve it between drinks as the soil and plants do.
Yes too as the SA article points most humans use about a megalitre of water a year ( rich or poor -some of the very poor do not get anything like that ) My Point at conference was that even if your rainwater tank was a really big one and you used all the water that came of your roof , you still would only supply about 1% of the water needed for you to live the good life ( ) We need our pipes and our dams and they keep water better than the shallow temporary eutrophic puddles that are our old landscape heritage . Dams are only demons if, like anything else ,you put them in the wrong place. Deep dams keep water clean . We don't need or won't ever use the desal plants that our children will have to pay for .


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