Friday, February 25, 2011

Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant and labelling it for taxation won't work

Grand ambitions to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels have blinded many to the unworkable idea of trying to tax a element that moves in enormous and complex cycles. 
And if your not a scientist,  and i just lost you there , here's one example of a tax return on offer that just won't work Labor is desperate enough to try anything to try and bolster up their brilliance. 

Soil sequestration is touted by some as a means of helping farmers avoid taxation for "carbon polllution" -As soils all have their own natural limits ( and then re-export products to carbon dioxide) that expectation is a largely vain hope . ( this statement first appears here after it was sent in a letter to the leader of the opposition on the 14th February 2011) 
Soils in warm areas will  self limit the amount of carbon they absorb as humus,  returning excess to carbon dioxide at a rate dependant largely on soil temperature . 

Agricultural productivity and sustainability is dependant on a wise and close choice on the level that suits the soil  . Because of soil variability and sensitivity only local accountability for carbon levels should be given . ( ie  maths or figures  could be used to create distorted views of a very dynamic system ) 
Excess carbon in soils can and often does produce soil and water degradation through higher acidity.( mainly cool climates )   

The only place where carbon can be stored in growing amounts is in anaerobic ( low oxygen) environments and low temperatures . Cool cold soils environments can be considered to suffer from degradation themselves reminding all scientists and practical people that there is an ideal RANGE for carbon in soils that is soil and site dependant.

Conclusions :  releases of carbon dioxide from degrading organic matter ( the excess grass now spread from the bottom of Australia to the top ) will occur . Unless we convert it to beef ,grain or harvest the wattles/ whatever  to create fuel/ store in carbon chains . Either way the result is inevitable - Carbon stored in soils and vegetation after the recent rains will eventually be largely returned to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide from whence it came .( co2 is not a pollutant )     

I trust you are also aware that the concentration of carbon dioxide is rate limiting the rate of photosynthesis providing powerful resistance to any panic about its levels in the atmosphere . .As does the effect of a lot of rain on the natural but temporary sequestration of carbon dioxide on the earth 


At February 28, 2011 , Blogger journeymanj said...

Windsor is an interesting case of a regional politician who really thinks he knows what a regional solution to rural poverty looks like. Unfortunately he's not that clever (competition for land will drive land prices up where food used to be grown.You heard it first on blogger) Turning up to a climate Institute that has absolutely no claim to the name institute shows he's easily led .
A quickfix for regions is no fix .

At November 07, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about biochar?


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