Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Splashing around in the Birdbath

RE August 2010  Ignorant panic this week about floods in rivers and insects yet to hatch

"We'll all be rooned" the TV said,  as if they really know .
The cities in panic now, they let their worries show ..
Sit down relax and take a bex , the need to tell themselves ,
the problem is not ours me mate,  the problem is your own .

You may wonder too as people do, why white coats worry too . .
They are no longer free to speak or to even thinking through
the job goes with the rhetoric ,, or its ......out the door for you !

For those who still can't believe organisations with a so called scientific badge can get it wrong, you need to consider just how easy it has ben and still is to discourage independent thinking . Your taxes are being used to drip feed institutions in a way that is unheard of in our history because both major parties have a slightly misanthropic problem of their own - they don't trust themselves or their advisors  and they both think that business models will carry us all to heaven . Many Businesses too think that , as they see how much easier it is to get money our of government than it is to get it directly off us ! Tell me I am wrong .  vote Independant FIRST .  


At November 18, 2010 , Blogger journeymanj said...

Its 18th November and the ads keep coming . A few insects have landed in Melbourne driven as they would be by days of hot northerly in the weeks before the election . There is fear in the wind and an election to win.
When the ads finish after the election Labor can say " look how well we dealt with the risk " . Will it be the same if someone gets burnt alive on one of our roads this summer because the state government warning system is still not working.


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