Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Greenlabor living in a dream

What a bunch of confused and blinkered worriers are Labor ,Greens and now Xenophons. In their ignorance they want to convert the Murray Darling Basin system of ephemeral streams with diverse flows and variable water quality into perennial streams of more uniform quality:uniformity instead of natural diversity .
You would think they would have learnt from the water ignorant greenlabor governments who worried themselves silly about water . Transferring their worry about everything running out to things like water. - the useless desal plants as an eg . Greenlabor like to think they “ say what scientists say” but they don't even get that ecosystems have to die to live.
Their dumb confusing concepts( like enviro flows) don't let streams dry out , or trees die. Greenlabor are Living lessons in limited visions of Nature.


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