Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Misplaced concreteness about old growth forests

While good forestry has for a long time left older stands amongst the harvested areas , the Greens have overstated the place of really old trees in habitat because they don't want to face the idea that all living things die and need to be regenerated . Trees do die and so do the animals.Natural degradation has been denied --and by those who want to claim real green for themselves .
Complex processes that confuse human induced degradation with natural degradation made life and thinking hard for the simpleminded.

Now we have the very odd and pathetic attempt to preserve trees in the suburbs beyond their mature dates - so they risk falling on people . Odd ball trees  too whose habitat role is usually overstated.Nothing to do with forests as forests need friends ,

Its true of course that more old trees could be preserved over the several hundred year life cycle  ( max)  than was convenient for many logging systems , Thankfully more consideration is now given in harvesting systems to ensure habitat retention actually occurs within and on the boundaries of coupes in native forests .Mora koalas still live outside our growing old growth forests than within them.

A recent program on Catalyst thankfully celebrates the old forestry principle that the foresters job to make sure habaita and regeneration of  all things occurs, By denying the foresters  role the Greens have left much of the industry in the hands of industry ,

The chainsaw is used in the story as the means to create an even more successful habitat than nature provides , Some hope that a more positive and less fearful view of our relationship to the earth is possible. About time.


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