Monday, February 13, 2017

Pain , strain, sprain and sparing the rod

The West will come to regret not studying the Old testament and supporting its teaching.  Muslims need no such reminder as they see the consequences of not punishing of pushing back in our now feelings based decision/non-decision making culture .The good book says you don't love a child if you don't punish it .
Surprisingly for western based reactionaries that review will include what was once taught in formative books like Genesis  about man and nature and  best ways to understand and work with it . You see ,to see HOW we can move on ,you have to understand why the West has been so keen to resist the natural forces of nature.
You even need that understanding of pushiness before you can improve on what wrongs humans have done before - in any culture or context .Yes science is important but we seem to be talking here about feedback  mechanisms  that we don't know fully just yet - but need to find ways to act on them/with them. .
Just a bit of background
 While many "Greeks "will make much of the old books  many words , the idea with most of the authors is very simple. God is busy trying to redeem  his wayward and recidivist  creation.
Despite much careless slander to the contrary , the Creator doesn't believe in making life hell with his creating and setting up heaps of rules  for them to follow .Otherwise we would be cutting off hands when someone  walked out of the supermarket,  or gouging out eyes in the theatre.
 To go back to rules would be to deny the very reason given for his creating these pesky creatures in the first place  - their freedom to be creative ,
First lesson ; man is a part of nature but he's designed to try and master both himself and the garden . Its more complicated than drivers cause hes meant to train those drivers ( physiological etc)

Where pain comes in.
People with experience try to warn their offspring of the dangers of just acting on their feelings
. It comes as a bit of a surprise to most of us that pain seems to be needed  to effectively do this with our offspring . We hate pain and don't generally like it or know naturally how to limit it to the needed amount. The first thing we know from experinec and observation is that you cannot care for a young thing without steeping in  to stop some action/ reaction /resistance  ( causing pain)

While it is not the objective of this note to say how much the purpose is to state and restate the case for pain and resistance to the will of others - esp those being trained as young ones . Love calls for intervention

Where resilience comes in
Another matter for anotherday 


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