Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome mention of Resilience

Most people in the media worry to much ;  and they worry the people too much . I think this process , when it goes to excess,  is wrong because it reduces our children's faith in science and technology and our ability to manage risk .
Its wrong too , when people who are not scientists in the area try to speak for those that are .
Now both of the above processes happen far too much in the media .

Positively though,  there is a lot of talk of resilience of people at the moment . Resilience of earth processes is even more predictable and a sound focus  for young people  to rebuild hope and a career in a world of heavy , but not unsustainable,   population pressures .
eg The profound damage to nuclear reactors in Japan this week
One hopes that even with the real tragedies associated with recent plate activity there will be a recognition that the very worst case scenario of nuclear power plants on fault lines and subject to tsunamis will not create unmanageable damage to the environment .A sound knowledge of chemistry and geology will limit the extent to which you worry about such real disasters and work towards preventing another .


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