Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Through the glass darkly
774 is onto something with this planning thing .Pity the MAV didn't give a better lead . Cart before the horse to target VCAT, i suggest
Somehow its not working .Planning and environment that is
For those of us who have worked with VCAT and who are used to making decisions not deliberations, it a case of shutting the door after the horse has bolted .
The proper target for inefficeiency in planning is not VCAT.
Its like blaming the family court for a marriage breakdown . cuttingedegecare like cutting edge planning means if we go to VCAT " both parties have failed" .
VCAT is not designed to be a court of law and only the dummies cuurently in charge of this State allow it to be used so.
VCAT is not there to argue point by point in a court of law VCAT is never relaible as its a tribunal and a great idea as a tribunal its not designed to be a court of law - those who use it that way abuse it .
Stand back and look at what it is - Jewel in Victoria's crown Yes . Its a admin court and restricted to laws set by the councils and courtiers themselves . Sure there are problems with VCAT, but the bigger problems are the cumbersome and confusing paper games and irresponsible consultancies that push planning away from resolution in the early stages .to the final frontier of nimbyism.
A lot of inefficenincy in the way planning is not working can be resolved --but only when we stop shooting the messenger or the first person to actually make a decision.