Monday, April 30, 2012

Digging up everything and destroying the playing field

While conservationists don't all agree , the race of industry to get fuel can be a race that's outta control . Its "price driven" and for some dumb polys that's Ok - there is no morality issue for them  .
Well it may be still news to them,  but they are wrong - there are some morality issues with letting money , and those with it,  do all the talking . Let me list a few that have come to the fore recently >
Industries that need close review because their impact on the environment  can be huge.

  1. Ethanol production seen to be a saviour by some agropoliticians its clearly not .The margins for agriculture do not compete so agriculture will not be the beneficiary 
  2. Coal seam gas While not necessarily  destructive and degrading  it can be. Groundwater issues must be respected and are often not . Eg Yeodene
  3. Open Cut mining   esp Coal  See video below .  A former open cut mine  from over 100 years ago still threatens to destroy life limb and property in the Geelong region. Royalities were paid to restore the site but the money went missing and no effective restoration was undertaken .  Bambra coal mine
      Open cut mining is a popular but very risk prone fad because it does rely on moving earth cheaply and the first thing to go in execution will be sound cut& fill placement and planning, Soil loss ( esp coal areas) The risk is HIGH that it will NOT be done properly because of cost cutting and the time frames for restoration .