Monday, November 28, 2011

Toilet models tend to lower the tone

The Greens and the ACF are not happy with the new Murray Darling Plan ; they want a flushing; a really decent flushing. Perhaps they want the sort that only a really big dam and a really big opening can provide ?  It seems to me that what they want is only something God can provide, but they don't believe in God  so its  back to the drawing board.. Seems to me their drawing board is missing some key components  - like the fact that "the quiet achiever"  has filled our dams and made a farce of the drips we sought from desal . The half baked's  don't believe in dams and fiddling  so they resort to piddling . They think everything has to be flushed to be better when nature leaves things around to rot and fester .They mix nature with technology in ways that don't work because they understand neither.  
The Greens can't be taken seriously as representatives of the big picture. Like many marginal parties they are often disagreeable for the sake of being disagreeable .They come in on a point of order they perceive to be important , when its just a distraction from the big picture. Unlike the farmers ,  they can't talk to the details of the Murray Darling plan , which makes them largely just noise; Noise about things they call "toxic things". 

They camp at the end of the process waiting for a door to open , expecting only toxic stuff to come forth.  Not very deep as even salt has its place ( see below) . Somehow , almost miraculously,  once it got past them and entered Bass strait , it would all be cleaned up .
Point of order - 9 years out of 10 "the sea will get what it needs" ;Its clear they missed the point of river process completely ; the  bits upstream  will miss out.
If all the noisemakers and worriers  want is a say , they have had it . 

All the Greens  can do on THE MDP is camp at one of the doors and cry foul about what's going inside a box they try to call their own . If they had more ownership of the complex issues of salinity, soil , floods and food they would move inland . Busy today  at Lake Alexandrina they think the end product is no good when in the cycle of life ( that they seldom address) "it's all good"  .
The Greens don't know what they want and neither does Burkes' and the Kingsford group .They know the numbers simplicity of allocations was too simple but they continue to play the same simple game of numbers because Greenlabor likes to make environmental choices simple.
Salt lakes are OK and if excessive saltiness is a current problem ,the people above are mistargeting it .  We also won't solve anything  long term by cutting our collection in dams  Number stuff is largely nothing stuff . 4 numbers  - can you believe it should come to this ? Bigger more important natural forces need to be taken seriously.  Is a process discussion too hard .The States did a better job , before this , in talking process. Why do the Feds think they are so much more able ? 
The newcomers  tell us the river and the lake need to flush - fair enough,  but is the only analogy a closet and piddling and pipe paradigms ( suits those who like to confine the problem to simple conduits ) . A 2075 mega litre flush is a piddle. The river doesn't need us .Calculated to flush but is Lake Alex the only toilet in the system?.  Burke, the Green, s ACF and Knowles don't understand or accept the role of the sea in keeping the mouth open .A sea that they think is rising .Get real , get organised or get off the blower . 
More science than Prof Kingsford is covering would be good . His word "Luck"  doesn't come into risk analysis,  but to hype talk. 
Geomorphologists stand here with our mouths open- we are supposed to think the Green wooriers know what they are doing. No way