Friday, December 09, 2011

Protecting wild things

Thinking people of all political persuasions are right to identify humanities widespread  failure to look after the place of wild things in our world as a huge issue . In our rush to look after number 1 we have often ignored numbers 3 - 10. Infact , wild things,  because they are not always easily seen,  are easily ignored .  There is no place in modern economy  for ignoring ecology . Some say we protect wild things by not designing at all for them ( leaving them alone ), but I think that's too simple and wrong  .We can have wilderness (BBC Earth series shows how much there is ) but we can also have effective symbiosis on the big area boundaries between us and them   The very failure of human beings to both see and to care when they may have over occupied their place is complex, but only human beings can really improve the situation - and they can do a lot to do that - esp on the boundaries between them and us .  For a bit of an overview and some more ideas click here.( still under construction )

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Harvesting is not a dirty word

I will start taking the Greens seriously when they start using several critical eco words such as "harvest, production and sequestration " in their proper scientific and ecological context .(You will note that I am a professional green -A small g green ; a bit like , I might be a  small l " liberal" too !)
At the moment " harvesting" talk is forbotten ( at least in Australia)  ;its a swear word which churchgoers and Brown devotees can expect to receive a feeling of guilt for if they should use it or  ask more questions about it( say in relation to native timber harvesting )   The worshippers cherry pick their current favoured form of sequestration and reject , on theological grounds alone , the environmentally sound choices that work . Scientists amongst the audience will note that I am not spelling it  all out in words because for many Greens the game is about using the right words - not the right science - the science that is, in substance,  a process. So much for the brilliance of their theology;  so much for the Green's commitment to understanding,  and understanding the process of ecological sustainability.

Greenlabor are so out of touch that they promote carbon dioxide production when they claim its critical to reduce it . Make up your minds people, or you become totally politically and scientifically irrelevant. The Greens do confusion and religion by playing with sequestration subjects that suit their simple theories but ignore key subjects which would in fact sequester carbon. Green theology is ideologically constrained irrelevance
and useless as a result .
Minister Burke  is such a dummy to fall again in late 2011 for the easy "lock up idea" that has left the religious Greens  in the doldrums for decades  ( All the hype on the abcnews and by Burke on proposed Coral sea exclusion zone proposals)
Clearly Greenlabor are unable to address the complex questions of management ( what most of do at work well )so  they opt to opt out of management altogether .Clearly not many of these wannabes  would survive in business.
Sadly the opposition haven't responded by advocating a reasoned way to define and protect wilderness and wild things.
Some Terms:
--Harvesting/ production  - what one trophic level does with another
--Sequestration - what  prevents decomposition; something that they favor for forests
I won't say any more . This stupidity is seriously stupid,  but unfortunately few know why . Those of U who KNOW the cycles and what U are talking about need no more information .
If on the other hand you just don't know  and you are serious about the truth, follow professional practical big picture here .

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