Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cooperation rather than Competition is the best policy

Thiopedia rosea ( Copyright below)
Always resist non scientists when they promote human prehensions ( Whiteheads word)  because they are so often blinkered in nature . Sure , competition is a component  of real world ecomia , but its not framing the big picture stuff.  Stultifyingly,  competition policy has become the dominant preoccupation of major political parties,  when its not what makes the world go around .
Take bacteria and fungi , the things we really compete with in nature . Even procaryotes and archaic microbes take turns in turning composition and decomposition on their heads . As 8 million Irish found out in 1850's , one mere fungi can eat us out of house and home within months ,undoing all our good work in sequestration in moments ( remember you heard it first May 12th  2011 and Julia's blinkered team don't even factor it in to their wasted trip down carbon tax lane YET ) .
The best thing is not that Fun guys  are not furry enough to be fascinating , but that 150 years later we know how to work together whereas , in 1850 we didn't . The same applies to bacteria .  We are now friends and those of us who study these things properly are not in a panic.  Our wine, bread and cheese are all the better for studying stuff .
150 years after a disease that caused real worry because noone understood what they were facing , do we still have people worrying because they don't understand ??? -
You bet , especially if they think the aim of life is to store up treasures here for themselves  when the earth was created for very small unseen forces to return things to their proper homes for someone else to use ( maybe that's why some call her mother earth ? ) .Methinks there is more to knowing than our knowledge will ever know and some things are clearly blocking the path in some people's minds ( like denial ,selfcentredness, guilt and prejudice )   Copyright EA


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